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Asic Miner have been doing business with a lot of experience since 2018 we have been the first company to offer professional Bitcoin miners. With us you get your miners without any risk. The Asic Miner team is constantly growing. We currently have several employees at two locations who take care of the procurement of miners, their testing, support and administration. We do this because we believe in bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies and rising prices. Mining will continue to be worth it! No more bad experiences with private sellers or foreign orders, so order now directly from us!
Cryptocurrency is the future. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a logical “next step” and are on the verge of becoming a popular payment method in the future. This emerges from the market study by researchers at Imperial College London and the trading platform eToro, in which the role of traditional currencies was assessed and how close the cryptocurrency had come to fulfillment.

“The world of cryptocurrency is evolving just as quickly as the collection of confusing terminology that goes with it. The decentralized technologies have the potential to improve everything we thought we knew about financial systems and financial assets.”

We do our part by making it known in the world. We want your help in transforming the worlds into a better place.

You also have professional and free support included with us.

We started Asic Miner because people across the world who wanna get into cryptocurrency mining,
without any trouble of custom clearance we provide Asic miners to their doorstep through our enormous experience in the industry.
We are in good cooperation with Chinese manufacturers like Bitmain, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Avalon, Ibelink, Goldshell, Ebang and others.
And for used and second hand miners we have big mining farms of china within our connections.
We are pieminers.com located in Thailand.
Our all prices are in U.S. dollar and shipping cost to your doorstep is included in all prices.
We accept USD Bank wire transfer TT, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and USDC coin.
Our goal is to provide high quality cryptocurrency miners at best rate possible to our clients.
We want to create a marketplace where people will have easy access of any kind of Asic miner and it’s parts.


As a specialist in mining, we want to make mining possible for everyone with the best cryptominers. We offer you a competent 24-hour emergency service for everything you need 365 days a year. We are there for you if you need us!


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3 Years Experience

We have over 3 years experience in selling professional mining equipment. We have been the reliable address for competitively priced cryptominers. Because we only supply profitable products, we have a large customer base, which is still increasing. Moreover, we always deliver quickly and at the best online prices. Usually, we have everything in stock. We only sell the best cryptominers that actually deliver. You are always welcome to make an appointment to visit our offices!