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Digital Yuan app adds prepaid Mastercard VISA top-ups for tourists


Tourists planning on visiting the People’s Republic of China can now pre-charge Digital Yuan wallets using VISA and Mastercard payment options as the nation continues to update the mobile app powering its CBDC pilot.

The e-CNY app, which is still in its pilot version, is available to iOS and China-based Google Play Store users. The application serves individual users, allowing them to open digital renminbi wallets to make use of e-CNY.

As per the latest iOS app update published on Sept. 22, version 1.1.1 includes the support of its top-up service with international card options.

The latest version of e-CNY app on the App Store introducing the top up service for internation cards.

According to a number of local Chinese news outlets, the latest version of the e-CNY app coincides with the start of the Asian Games.

A tutorial for foreign users outlining the process of signing up using an international number. Source: e-CNY app.

China had extensively trialed the use of the digital renminbi as a payment option for foreigners visiting the country. According to Yicai, the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 marked the beginning of the CBDC pilot being open for tourists as a means to transact with local merchants using e-CNY.

Inbound tourists are reportedly able to make use of overseas mobile numbers to register and open e-CNY wallets and make use of the recharge wallet feature which now supports VISA and Mastercard payments.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, China is making moves to ensure that the Digital Yuan is available as a payment option for all retail payment scenarios. This would make the e-CNY a ubiquitous payment method in China between retail users and merchants. 

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