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Disney creates an AI task force to explore the tech and cut costs: Report

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Walt Disney is reported to have created a task force for the purpose of studying artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential applications throughout the company, according to a Reuters report

According to the report, three sources close to the matter vouched for the information, with one of the sources being an anonymous internal advocate who said Disney must understand AI or risk falling behind.

Additionally, Disney has 11 current job postings which are seeking individuals with expertise in AI and machine learning technologies. The open positions span across the company’s various branches from Walt Disney Studios to the theme parks and engineering.

In Disney’s television and advertising department, one of the job descriptions said it’s looking to create a “next-generation” AI-powered advertising scheme.

One of the Reuters inside sources said they see AI being used as a tool to cut sky-high costs of productions for movie and television releases. Another source told Reuters that AI could also help enhance customer support in the parks business. 

This news comes alongside other news of Disney’s metaverse chief, Mike White, officially departing the company, according to sources close to the matter. Disney officially shut down its metaverse division, approximately 50 employees in addition to White, back in March as a part of downsizing. 

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The entertainment industry has had a rocky relationship as AI prevalence increases. 

Netflix, the popular streaming service, has been eyeing AI integrations as seen through its new job postings of high-paid AI positions. The AI-related positions are both six-figure roles, with one almost in the millions.

AI has been a major negotiating point of the ongoing Hollywood strike, which involves writers, actors and anyone signed with the talent agency SAG-AFTRA.

Initially, Hollywood studios rejected the idea of banning the use of AI in writing rooms. Now, actors are fighting back against a proposal that says background performers should be scanned and paid for a day’s work and then grant productions ownership over the scan, image and likeness.

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