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FTX bolsters claims portal security measures following cyber breach


Bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX has restored its customer claims portal, which was previously shut down due to a cyber attack. Claimants can now continue to submit asset claims they held on the exchange before it became insolvent. 

On September 16, FTX made a statement on X (formerly Twitter), confirming that none of its systems were affected by the cyber breach involving its appointed bankruptcy claims agent, Kroll.

It informed account holders of the bankrupt exchange, they can now regain access to their accounts, and proceed with the bankruptcy claims process. 

The claims portal allows customers who had accounts with FTX, FTX US, Blockfolio, FTX EU, FTX Japan and Liquid access their account information and submit claims as part of the company’s restructuring. 

FTX asserted that freezing the accounts was a precautionary step and has stated it has introduced additional security measures. 

No FTX systems were impacted by the Kroll incident, and freezing accounts was a precautionary measure.

This comes after numerous reports of issues with the claims portal in recent times.

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On Aug. 27, FTX declared a temporary suspension of accounts for affected users who accessed its claims portal after the cybersecurity attack against Kroll was disclosed.

It was stated that the breach exposed non-sensitive customer data of specific claimants. At the time, FTX said it was aoverseeing the situation, assuring that account passwords, systems and funds remain unaffected.

The customer claims portal was launched on July 11 but went offline for unknown reasons after only one hour.

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