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Good news for Bitcoin: New CPI data suggests inflation has peaked


In this weeks episode of Market Talks we welcome senior market analyst at Cubic Analytics, Caleb Franzen.

Caleb is a Senior Market Strategist at Cubic Analytics, analysing new data/charts on the economy, the stock market, and Bitcoin to make better investment decisions. He is also a former corporate banking & portfolio analyst.

The main topic of discussion with Caleb will be the new CPI data and what they mean for the crypto market, specifically Bitcoin (BTC). Is there a correlation between the data and the recent price pump? How sustainable is this price action?

We also go over a few of Caleb’s tweets where he explains which indicators he looks at when analysing charts. One indicator he finds particularly interesting is the 78-week Williams%R oscillator. We get into why it’s important and how it can help.

Something that might be looming over everyone’s heads is whether the recent Bitcoin pump is a fake out and if we could actually go lower before we break through $30K. We get Caleb’s thoughts on this as he and Tim try to figure it out.

Ethereum (ETH) has been performing particularly well recently with all the news and hype surrounding the merge from proof of work (POW) to proof of stake (POS). Does this mean that the merge has already been priced in or can we see a rally when the merge actually takes place in September? Could this be a classic case of buy the rumour sell the news?

Tune in to have your voice heard. We’ll be taking your questions and comments throughout the show, so be sure to have them ready to go.

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