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How to use ChatGPT to write a resume

Writing a resume using ChatGPT can be a helpful way to get started, but it’s important to remember that the final content and formatting should be tailored to your specific needs and industry. Here’s a general guide for using ChatGPT to assist in writing a resume for a “Project manager” position:


Start by developing a header section that includes your full name, address, phone number and, if applicable, links to any professional social media accounts.

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Professional summary

Provide a brief summary of your experience, talents and career aspirations under the “Professional Summary” or “Profile“ section. Emphasize your professional value proposition and critical abilities.

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Add an “Education” section to your resume, then detail your educational accomplishments in reverse chronological order. Mention the institution’s name, the accreditation you earned, your major or area of concentration, and your graduation year.

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Work experience

List your relevant work experiences in the “Work Experience” or “Professional Experience” section. Include the position’s title, the company’s name, the place of employment and the dates of employment. Briefly outline your duties, successes and standout contributions in each capacity.

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Create a section called “Skills” or “Technical proficiencies,” and list your most important skills that apply to the job or sector. Include hard skills like communication and leadership, and soft skills like knowledge of programming languages and software.

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Projects or achievements

Include a section labeled “Projects” or “Achievements” if appropriate to highlight certain studies, publications, or noteworthy achievements that highlight your contributions and abilities.

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Certifications and training

List any pertinent certifications, workshops or training courses that you have taken. Include the title of the certificate or training, the name of the issuing organization and the completion date.

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Additional parts

Depending on your background and unique job criteria, you may include additional parts to highlight other skills and experiences, such as volunteer work, languages, or professional memberships.

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You can provide references in a “References” section or indicate they are available upon request. Let your referees know in advance and give them your contact information if needed.

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After using ChatGPT to help you construct your resume, proofread it and fix any formatting or grammatical errors that may have crept through. Ensure the document is formatted, the font is the same throughout, and the spacing is consistent. To ensure compatibility, save your resume in a commonly used format like PDF.

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Ethical implications to consider

Using ChatGPT for writing a resume can present some ethical implications that should be considered:

Plagiarism and authenticity

While ChatGPT can offer advice and assistance while writing a resume, it’s crucial to make sure that the finished product accurately reflects your abilities, qualifications and experiences. It is best to avoid plagiarism, which is directly copying text from a model without giving due credit or verification. It’s important to keep your resume honest and ethical.

Accuracy and verification

ChatGPT generates answers using patterns and examples from its training data. Although it might offer helpful suggestions, it is crucial to fact-check and validate any data or assertions made by the model. Relying only on ChatGPT without checking the veracity of its recommendations could result in inaccurate or misleading information on your resume.

Fair representation and bias

Because ChatGPT is trained on a sizable volume of internet text, it may introduce biases already present in the data. It’s vital to critically assess any prejudiced or discriminatory information the model suggests, and to contest it. Ensure your resume supports equality, diversity and fairness by avoiding language or content that might encourage prejudice or discrimination.

Privacy and data security

When using ChatGPT, be careful with the data you enter, especially if it contains sensitive information like your career history or personal information. Make sure you are protecting your data on a reliable and secure platform. Don’t provide private or identifiable information that could jeopardize your security or privacy.

Human engagement and judgment

Although ChatGPT can help with idea generation and resume construction, it’s crucial to maintain human engagement and judgment at all stages of the process. Human judgment is essential in customizing the resume to your unique experiences and skills, guaranteeing its accuracy and relevance for the target audience.

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