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Universal Music and Google in talks over deal to combat AI deep fakes: Report

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Universal Music Group — one of the world’s leading music companies — and Google are in negotiations to license melodies and vocal tracks of artists to be used in songs generated by artificial intelligence (AI), according to a report from the Financial Times. 

The talks have been confirmed by what the FT reports are “four people familiar with the matter.” The companies are reportedly aiming to create a partnership between the music industry and Big Tech in order to manage the rampant emergence of AI-generated deep fakes.

Mainstream AI usage has sparked concern among major music industry leaders due to the amount of “deep fakes” using musicians’ likenesses. Clips of AI-generated Drake and Kanye West began to go viral around April. Many have since been taken down.

Reportedly, the discussions between the two industry giants are still in the beginning stages with no impending launch of a product or guidelines. However, the FT sources say the goal is to develop a tool for creating tracks legally with copyrights rightly attributed. 

The sources said that artists would have the right to opt in, for their voices and music to be used. Another source claimed that Warner Music Group (WMG) has also been in conversation with Google regarding a similar product.

Cointelegraph reached out to WMG for further information on the situation and has yet to receive a response.

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Back in April, Universal Music Group was asking streaming services like Spotify to take down all AI-generated content due to copyright infringement.

A few weeks later Spotify said it is ramping up policing of the platform due to such instances and began actively taking down content in violation.

However, some artists are fully on board with their voices being used in AI-generated music. Grimes said she’s eager to be a “guinea pig” for this type of content and will split royalties 50/50 with the creators. 

She also created her own voice simulation program alongside a team of developers which is available for public use called Elf Tech.

Google and Meta have both recently launched their own set of tools called Music LM and AudioCraft for the purpose of creating music and audio using generative AI.

Many in creative industries are worried about the implications of AI being used to create artistic and creative products. However, in an interview between Cointelegraph and the CEO of the Recording Academy, he said AI can be used as a “creative amplifier.”

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